Bladder Leakage Pad, Menstrual Pad, or Diaper – Which one is for you?

Bladder Leakage Pad, Menstrual Pad, or Diaper – Which one is for you?

Aside from the embarrassment that comes with one’s inability to control urinary output, incontinence also comes with discomfort with the use of either menstrual pad or diaper. So Sure saves you from worrying about others noticing what you’re wearing underneath. Its hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials are built just for the right size.

You see, period napkin is not designed to hold heavy amount of liquid. Diaper on the other hand is truly helpful but you don’t want to be walking around with a fluffy back as if you’re joining the cast of adorable penguins of Happy Feet!

You may think they all do the same thing – prevent you from wetting your pants. Aren’t these three supposed to do the same? YES and NO. Yes, they save you from embarrassment of wetting your pants. No, they can’t hold the same amount of liquid. Here are the major differences between these three:

Menstrual PadDiaperBladder Leakage Pad
AbsorbencyDesigned to absorb denser substance like menstrual flowDesigned to absorb urineDesigned to absorb urine
ThicknessThickness varies. The ultra thin variant is almost always invisible when wearing pantsVery thick and it becomes even thicker when it starts to absorb the liquid. Depending on the material, some diapers are prone to leaksThinner than diaper. If you are using a high quality brand, people may not be able to tell when you are wearing one.
Odor ControlNot designed to control odor from urineSome diapers claim to have odor controlSome bladder leakage pads claim to have odor control but it depends on the quality of the brand

To recap, a menstrual pad is designed to absorb blood and that’s about it. If you are aware that you have incontinence, it will disappoint you, as there is a high chance that there will be a leak.

Diapers may make the cut if you are looking for something just to hold the urine. But if you are aiming for comfort and good hygiene, a bladder leakage pad is obviously the better choice.

Made with skin-friendly material and cut to the right size, So Sure Bladder Leakage Pads can ensure not just freedom from embarrassment but can guarantee the awkward-free feeling. So Sure locks in heavy amount of liquid quickly, with a leak guard protection that stops you from leaking when there is a sudden gush of urine. Right in the middle of a So Sure pad is an Acquisition Layer – the blue strip that that directs and spreads out the fluid in the inner layers, preventing overflow.

You may think preventing leakage is its best feature. You’ll be amazed that So Sure Bladder Leakage Pads also promote good hygiene! The breathable, cloth-like back sheet prevents bacteria from forming, protecting you from a myriad of infections. Remember, foul odor means formation of bacteria. Yikes! So Sure also has the Odor Guard feature that neutralizes the smell specific of urine. It does so many things that a menstrual pad can’t!

Suitable for both men and women, pregnant or not, it comes in two sizes/absorbency levels: