Gift For Loved Ones With Incontinence

incontinence gift

Everyone’s favorite holiday is finally here! For sure, everyone is shopping for presents to give to their family, friends or loved ones. We know that it is sometimes hard to buy something that you would think they appreciate and something they’d use and not just store on their shelves. That’s why we prepared a list of gifts for someone you love that is experiencing incontinence.

So Sure Pads

If there is one thing that people with bladder leakage would appreciate is a pad that is made solely for incontinence. For years, pantyliners, diapers or sanitary napkins have been used by people who experience incontinence. But these don’t do the job and most of the time it doesn’t take away the stress and embarrassment one feels with consciously knowing that they are not secured with the pads they are using. So Sure is a local incontinence pad that is first in its category and uses the most advanced technology to address incontinence concerns. So Sure pad was tested and proven by lab tests to be 2x more absorbent than the existing imported brands. It is also antibacterial, antifungal thus it prevents skin rashes and helps the user stay fresh up to 4 hours! Not just that, what’s good about these pads is that they come in two variants, the 340mm and the 440mm so men and women can both enjoy a stress free holiday even with incontinence! Surely your loved ones will appreciate So Sure Pads!

Incontinence Self Care Box

Nothing beats a curated gift box for your loved ones. Something about it personalized for someone makes it extra special right? You can make a gift box full of  ingredients for a recipe that is helpful for someone with incontinence. It can be an easy recipe as easy as an overnight oats.

Incontinence Book

Incontinence is sometimes a condition that is not often talked about and most of the time it could also be a little embarrassing to talk to the experts or doctors about it. You could search on the internet but a big percentage of people experiencing bladder leakage are not the generation that is acquainted on the internet and sometimes a book that is written with the purpose of informing people more about incontinence would have complete information because it is solely focused on the condition.