Hustling Amidst Pandemic

Hustlin Amidst Pandemic

Have you felt how time passed by and we’re under quarantine for almost the whole year of 2020? No mass transportation, the country’s workforce operating only in a limited time, businesses filing bankruptcy resulting in 46% of Pinoys – or 27.3 million jobless as of July, according to a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

With these turns of events, Filipino workers found ways on how to put food on their table. Thus, the increase of online jobs and work-from-home (WFH) staff. Fortunately, other jobs online don’t have an age limit! Even senior citizens became virtual assistants and teachers online during this pandemic. But of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of WFH set up.

Work From Home

Working from home gives you the choice to decide where inside your home are you most comfortable to do your job. You are free to have a quick rest since no one’s watching you, unless you’re in an e-commerce industry and it’s queuing. Saving money is easier since you won’t be needing to allot a budget on transportation and home-made food are more affordable. There’s no need to think of what you’ll wear or wash your uniform! You can just work straight from your bed without having to look presentable. You can even eat in front of your laptop or computer! It’s very convenient if you have the resources to work away from the office and inside your home. As always, there’s a BUT!

But you’ll interact less from the people outside. Slacking off can also be a problem since no one monitors your productivity. Your posture and eyesight will be greatly affected if you’ll work hours in front of your computer while just sitting down. And if you have incontinence, or loss of bladder control, the endless trips to the bathroom can tire you out and it’s definitely a major distraction. This is not something you should shrug off just because you’re young, anyone at any age can experience incontinence.

Imagine the time you’ll save if only you won’t waste it on walking, washing and cleaning yourself repeatedly? It’s best if you’ll seek help professionally and visit your doctor to know how to take care of your bladder properly.
Taking a short break from work even just for a few minutes will cost you nothing! It will help you relax your sore muscles and headaches caused by hours of typing and looking at your computer screen! Remember to always drink water to avoid dehydration, rest your eyes and do basic exercises like stretching for your neck and back.

So Sure

While treating your incontinence, you can wear pads designed for adults! So Sure Bladder Leakage Pads have the right thickness and thinness with breathable layers that will keep you fresh and confident to move around. It has quick absorbent layers for a heavy amount of liquid and reduces unwanted odor! Aside from it’s suited for both genders, its easy-stick and wide adhesive prevents it from moving together with elastic bands that comfortably fit you. If you’re looking for the best partner to a comfortable life, So Sure is the perfect one!

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