Mom, We Celebrate You.

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The pandemic has changed the mood and essence of celebrations. Everything is different from the type of celebrations we are used to. Although it might look like it’s hard to celebrate Mother’s day in the midst of a pandemic because of a lot of factors like budget, inability to go out because of the restrictions or you just ran out of ideas. We prepared a few unique gift ideas for all the moms out there! They deserve to be celebrated no matter what the situation is.


It may sound cliche, but time is a classic unbeatable and priceless gift. We can all get caught up in our own schedules and agendas so we often forget to check up on them. If you still live with your mom, you can dedicate a few hours on your rest day to spend time with her on Mother’s Day.  Depending on your budget, you can either cook for her or order her favorite food! If she lives far from you and you are not able to visit because of a pandemic, you can send her food and celebrate with her virtually.  

Do It Your Way

Even if you are on a budget, you can still extend your appreciation and love to your mom. You can check online and you’ll be able to see hundreds of DIY tutorials that you can do for that special hand crafted gift. Warm and sincere letters can be more meaningful and valuable for your parents, more than anything that money can buy. So do not feel pressured to buy expensive gifts, a gesture from the heart could go a long way.

Funds permitting, you could also put together a DIY box of supplies that you might think she will need like a scented candle for relaxing, a good book to read on her spare time, a pack of seeds that she could plant in her garden or you could gift her So Sure Bladder Leakage Pads! Incontinence often comes with aging, it can limit someone from doing their day to day routine and affect their confidence. That’s why it is important that you know the right pads for your mom. So Sure bladder leakage pads will serve that purpose for you. It is proven in lab tests conducted that So Sure is three times more absorbent than other imported incontinence pads. It will help and keep you stay fresh and odor free for up to four hours! The best thing about So Sure pads is that it can absorb two times more than local brands!

Use your talent!

May it be drawing or singing her favorite song, you can use your talent in giving her something memorable that will make her day special. You can also edit her a simple photo and post it on your socials to express to the world how you honor her and love her or write a song or a poem.

Aside from the tips above, the best way to celebrate your mom is to tell her how much you appreciate and love her. Obedience and patience is a must too! Dedicate a day for her no matter what!

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