Show your love a little more.

Nowadays, millennials and gen z’s are always in a hurry. It is actually harder for them to find time to rest and bond with family than the past generations. That’s the sad reality of living in a fast-paced world. Oftentimes we neglect the needs of our parents, grandparents and other elderlies in the family. We have this notion that they can already figure their lives out. But in reality, they also need a hand in adapting to the changes in their environment. Here are some tips on how we could meet them halfway to express our love and concern:


Coming to our family members to show or tell them our appreciation could be a bit cringey. It wouldn’t hurt to try, right? Whether we have a close or civil relationship with our parents, the fact remains they are God’s instrument in bringing us to this world. They are also the ones who take care of the household. Be it our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles or non- blood related part of our household (such as househelps), these elderlies have tried their best to secure us a safe, peaceful and convenient world to live in. They all deserve to be appreciated because they are a big part of who you are today.

Pay attention

At the rate the world is going, we, millennials, are oftentimes so self-absorbed that we fail to notice our parents are also aging fast. Growing up, we might think we have little or nothing to contribute to them. Let’s face it, a little assistance and even a simple word or act of appreciation can mean so much to them. They may not verbally acknowledge it but for sure, they are not merely taking notes but taking your gesture to heart!

A major concern we must focus with regards to our elderlies is their health. There are conditions that are sometimes brushed off like urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control or bladder leakage. Although it isn’t considered a disease, it can be a cause of an underlying one. The severity of the case is depending on how it is affecting a person’s daily life.People often take it lightly thinking that it doesn’t have a long lasting effect. Some avoid discussing it to their doctors and family members because of the fear of getting humiliated. But in the long run not only it is considered a warning to a person’s health condition, it can also affect someone emotionally and mentally. Most isolates themselves with the fear of causing accidents while doing their daily routine.

It is best to check on our dear parents and grandparents if they are experiencing incontinence. Supporting them to get it checked and buying them the right product can help them continue their daily lives despite the incontinence. Wearing pantyliners isn’t enough and diapers are too much. That’s why So Sure pads are here for you. The first local brand in its category in our country, So Sure pads will help them stay fresh up to four hours. So Sure pads absorb three times more of the average person’s normal urine output. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of these pads prevent the development of skin rashes, resulting in healthier skin. Don’t let incontinence stop them in enjoying their life. Give the best to the most important people in your life, give them So Sure pads.

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