What to do if you have symptoms of Incontinence

symptoms of incontinence

If you are exhibiting symptoms of incontinence what are the next steps to do? A large percentage of our population regardless of gender and age are experiencing incontinence. If you have visited our articles about the symptoms of incontinence and you have checked a few from the list, here is a guide on the next steps you should take.

Consult your doctor

Although incontinence is not a condition itself, it can be an indication of an underlying one. It is not common in our country for people to have themselves checked for experiencing bladder leakage. It is highly encouraged for you to do so to prevent any underlying condition from causing long term effects. Incontinence is manageable depending on the type and severity. It is better to ask your doctor as well for alternative treatments, diets and products you can use that might be helpful for you as you manage your incontinence.

Talk To Someone

Other than physical symptoms, suffering from bladder leakage can affect you mentally. Since incontinence is a taboo topic, there are instances where a person experiencing it has the tendency to isolate themselves since they find it embarrassing to share it with others. Incontinence can limit what a person can do and adjustments in lifestyle is a must. There are activities you can no longer enjoy. That is why it is important to have communication with your doctor, and have emotional support from your friends and family.

Use The Right Pad

Usually diapers and liners are the products used for incontinence, but unfortunately these two don’t serve the purpose with bladder leakage. Oftentimes, incontinence pads are associated with people who are in the hospitals in critical conditions. But like what was discussed, incontinence doesn’t only happen with people who are of age. There are various reasons for having bladder leakage. That is why, So Sure is the right choice. So Sure is the first local brand in its category. It is scientifically and clinically proven to have antibacterial properties to keep you stay fresh and odor free for up to four hours! No need to worry about leaks because it absorbs two times more than other local brands and according to lab tests,their 450cm pad can absorb up to 500 ml of urine! Don’t let incontinence stop you and steal your confidence!