4 Simple Exercises You Need to Master to Prevent Incontinence

4 Simple Exercised You need to prevent incontinence

Your bladder is a muscle surrounded by other muscles. Keep it in shape by doing these easy strength-focused exercises to prevent incontinence.


Contract the pelvic floor muscles, like you’re stopping the stream of urine. Squeeze the levator muscles and hold for five seconds, then release for another five seconds. Repeat.1

Pelvic Floor Ball Squeeze

Sit up straight on a chair with your shoulders in line with your hips. Place an exercise ball between your thighs, squeeze the ball and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. This will help strengthen inner thighs and abdominal muscles that touch the pelvic floor muscles. This exercise contributes to better bladder control.


Unlike in gyms, you don’t have to do many of this. You just have to hold it for a long time. Do the lunge position and contract your pelvic floor muscles as you exhale. Contract and tighten those muscles. Repeat on the opposite leg.


Control your breathing. Inhale and exhale as you squat to practice holding your urine.3

If you have other conditions that conflict with physical exercises, ask a physical therapist to design a workout plan for you.