Avoid An Overactive Bladder This Holiday

avoid an overactive bladder

Christmas is around the corner which means Christmas dinners, family gatherings and parties are also around the corner! This is the season where everyone gathers to enjoy good food right? But, we should still be cautious of what we eat during the holidays because we don’t want our health to be compromised. We can enjoy good food but in moderation. For our friends with incontinence, we made a list of what to watch out and limit to avoid triggering an overactive bladder.

Alcoholic Beverages

During the holiday season, alcoholic beverages are usually present on the table. You will not be able to deny that it is somewhat a staple in gatherings and it’s hard to dodge it when it’s in front of you. But aside from it’s overall negative effect on the body, alcoholic beverages have also been proven in clinical studies to serve as a bladder stimulant, causing urgency symptoms. It also has a diuretic effect, which means it can cause more frequent urination. So if you want to enjoy your time with family and friend without having to worry about incontinence, watch out for your alcohol!

Citrus Fruits

Isn’t it surprising? Yes, even healthy food like fruits can also affect your bladder control. During the holidays, another staple is fruits.While not everything needs to be avoided, there are certain fruits that you might need to eat in moderation or if necessary cut off. Acid fruits can irritate your bladder and make you go to the bathroom more often. Citrus fruit is acidic, therefore it’s best to avoid it. Urge incontinence is a result of these factors. Citrus includes not only oranges but also lemons and lime and grapefruit. Aside from what was mentioned, grapes, apples, bananas, peaches, pineapple, plums, and strawberries are some of the fruits that can also trigger your urge to pee. Try and test if you feel if any of these food is causing you to urinate more frequently. Remove it for a bit and then reintroduce it gradually.


Spices are another thing that is hard to avoid when attending parties. Spicy food and entrees that have spices are also best served during the holiday chilly season. But, unfortunately, it can also trigger your urge to go to the bathroom so you might want to cut and limit your intake of this. Chili, spicy salsa, and wasabi are all bladder irritants. If you think spices are making your overactive bladder symptoms worse, cut back and see how you feel. It’s possible that you’ll have to completely eliminate problematic spices.


Embarrassment from incontinence is the least thing you want to worry about this holiday season. That is why, aside from taking the precautions and avoiding or taking less of food and beverages that triggers your overactive bladder symptoms, you should also have the pads that work best for incontinence. Bring So Sure with you in all your holiday shenanigan! Many are still using incontinence products such as diapers, sanitary napkins and pantyliners. However, little did they know most of these pads do not give them the best comfort and protection against leaks, bacteria, odor and wetness. No need to fret or worry.  So Sure incontinence pad uses the most advanced technology to address these concerns.  The first in it’s category here in the Philippines, So Sure pad was tested and proven by lab tests to be 2x more absorbent than the existing imported brands. It is also antibacterial, antifungal thus it prevents skin rashes and helps the user stay fresh up to 4 hours! Not just that, So Sure comes in two variants, the 340mm and the 440mm so men and women can both enjoy life even with incontinence! Enjoy your holidays with So Sure Pads!

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