Make This Year’s Mother’s Day Special!

mothers day special

The month of May has come and it is once again the month where the whole world is celebrating all the wonderful mothers out there! Yes, I know sometimes we run out of ideas on what to give them this time of the year. Don’t worry we got your back! Here are the lists of activities that you can do with your mom that you can also surely enjoy!

A Surprise Breakfast!

If it has always been your mom that usually prepares breakfast why not turn things around and give cooking a try! Offer her breakfast in bed to make things more special! For sure you’ll see her smile wide open! Serve her favorite food like pancakes, scrambled eggs, or bacon with a glass of fresh juice. Leave a beautiful letter in the food tray telling your mother how much you love her and how fortunate you are to have her by your side.

It’s Pamper Day!

Everybody deserves a break and so is your super mom! Your mother’s physical and emotional health might benefit from some rest and relaxation. Make a spa appointment for her at a local salon. On Mother’s Day, treat your mom to a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating facial, a pedicure, and a manicure. It would allow her to get some much-needed me-time while also making her skin glow like the sun.

Quality Time!

Time must be the best gift you can give to your mother. It is inexpensive but priceless at the same time. As we grow up, we tend to spend less time with our parents. So let us spend more time, not just on mother’s day but every day with all our wonderful moms! So treat her like a queen and spend the day doing things with her that she’s always wanted to do. You can go on a picnic, hike, cook together, look through old family photos, or simply play some fun games at home. You may even have a movie marathon at home!

Traveling or going on a road trip is also an amazing idea as we were locked down for years! If you choose to do an activity, it is best if your mom is comfortable and confident. If she is suffering from incontinence, I’ve got the best product that won’t stop her from enjoying her day!

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