Manage your stress this 2021!

Manage your stress this 2021

If you are constantly feeling anxious, overwhelmed, having difficulty in concentrating, mood swings and changes in sleeping habits, then you might be experiencing stress.  When left unchecked, stress can contribute to many health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. If you have stress symptoms, it is important to take steps to manage it. Here are some stress busters you can explore: 


Simple activities like regularly going out for some fresh air and walking to nearby shops in your neighborhood helps relieve stress. You can also opt into jogging or any cardio exercises that fit your body condition (consult your doctors first). Such exercises can release endorphins, the chemicals that trigger a positive feeling and help boost your mood.

Eat well

Eating right has its benefits and one of them is protecting you from stress! There is research that shows how food affects our mood and how eating right can improve it. You can protect your feelings of wellbeing by ensuring that your diet provides adequate amounts of brain nutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals, as well as water! 

Pay attention to health 

As we grow a year older, we often experience anxiety about our health condition. A regular check up with the doctor can reduce our worries of having any medical condition. 

There are some conditions that may come from aging that we may not be aware of such as incontinence. A bladder leakage can be caused by an underlying disease so it is best to consult your doctor.

Stress Incontinence

Speaking of bladder leakage, did you know that there is such a thing called “stress incontinence”?  It is when urine leaks out at times when your bladder is under pressure; for example, when you cough or laugh. Incontinence in general can affect your way of living. If you have stress incontinence, you may feel embarrassed, isolate yourself, or limit your work and social life. You may also avoid physical and leisure activities. With treatment, you’ll likely be able to manage stress incontinence and improve your overall well-being. 

Another helpful solution to this is using a product that can help you feel safe and secured in doing your everyday activities. So Sure bladder leakage pads will serve that purpose for you. It is proven in research by the scientist in UP Diliman College of Chemistry that So Sure is three times more absorbent than other imported incontinence pads. It will help and keep you stay fresh and odor free for up to four hours! The best thing about So Sure pads is that it can absorb two times more than local brands! 

Stay stress free this year with these tips! Always remember a little change in perspective can change your situation.

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