Still A Merry Christmas

Still a Merry Christmas

Our holiday this year is not canceled but a kind of different from our usual celebration. Crowd gathering is still prohibited because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic thus, an intimate celebration with our families is the only option we have. Filipinos used to celebrate Christmas with everyone, from their families to their neighbors, but we can still celebrate it with our loved ones even from miles apart through online.

Now that we are required to stay at home, it makes us appreciate little things like the presence of our families, the feast on our dining table, and the genuine laughter from everyone. It’s really the people who make our Christmas special.

New Normal

Limiting contact with others is one of the precautionary measures against Covid-19. This makes our way of celebrating different. It’s not as special as face-to-face interaction, but virtual communication is still something to be happy about. The fact that we are still alive and can celebrate Christmas is already a blessing.

Anything is still possible in the new normal. Decorating your house for the Christmas season isn’t hard since almost everything is available online. We can still shop to our favorite brands through e-commerce platforms and even order food through food delivery apps. Things are made easier with advanced technology. We just have to live with the new normal.

Covid-19 really affected our lives drastically. Our plans have changed, our source of income, even our daily life routine. How much more for the people who have existing medical conditions that need to consult a health professional every now and then?

Even urinary incontinence or an involuntary loss or leakage of urine did not escape the ruthless novel coronavirus. Incontinence is oftentimes misconceived as a sign of aging but Urologists say that incontinence can affect individuals as young as 18 years old due to varied reasons such as weight gain, obesity, food choices, and nicotine condition. Incontinence occurs twice as frequently to women as in men due to pregnancy. The never-ending bathroom trips are already a hassle especially now that there’s a threat of being exposed to coronavirus whenever you use a public bathroom if not properly sanitized.
But now there is a solution to that! So Sure Bladder Leakage Pad is specially designed for people with incontinence and is perfect for both men and women, pregnant or not. It has the right thickness and thinness with breathable layers that will keep you fresh and confident to move around. It has quick absorbent layers for heavy amount of liquid and reduces unwanted odor. Its easy-stick and wide adhesive prevents it from moving together and with elastic bands that comfortably fit you. If you’re looking for the best partner to a comfortable life, So Sure Bladder Leakage Pad is the perfect one!

So Sure

Incontinence should not hinder you from doing things you love. So Sure Bladder Leakage Pad is here to help you manage it while enjoying the life you want to have!

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